Our Story

Marie-Eve has always been fascinated by arts and traditions. Growing up, she spent hours studying the intricate details of oil painting and drawings, marveling at the talent and mastery required to create each work. Over time, she began to see the decoration industry as an opportunity to merge her love for art and tradition with her passion for sustainability and ethical business practices.

In 2015, Marie-Eve founded, an art decorative brand that celebrates the beauty of luxury craftsmanship and the importance of human-centered capitalism in the industry. From the very beginning, she knew that she wanted her brand to be different. She wanted to create products that were not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. To do this, she focused on using traditional marquetry techniques and natural materials, sourcing only the finest materials and working closely with local artisans and suppliers to ensure that every piece was made with care and attention to detail.

Our Mission

Marieèveco is more than just a brand. It’s a philosophy, a way of doing business that prioritized the well-being of everyone involved in the production process. Marieèveco believed that by treating her employees, suppliers, and customers with respect and dignity, she could create a brand that inspired others to do the same. And so, she worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone involved in the production process was paid a fair wage and treated with the respect they deserved.

As Marieèveco grew, so too did its commitment to sustainability. The brand began to explore new ways of reducing its environmental impact, from using eco-friendly packaging to incorporating recycled materials into its designs. Marieèveco knew that sustainability was the key to the brand’s long-term success, and she was determined to do her part to create a more sustainable fashion industry.

Today, Marieèveco is a thriving art decorative brand that continues to inspire others to prioritize art, tradition, and sustainability in their own business practices. With a commitment to craftsmanship and human-centered capitalism at its core, the brand offers a unique and inspiring approach to fashion that is both beautiful and ethical.

Craftsmanship and human-centered capitalism are at the heart of Marieèveco. We believe that beauty and sustainability can coexist, and that by prioritizing the well-being of our employees, suppliers, and customers, we can create a brand that inspires and uplifts.


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